10 Succulent Garden Ideas for Small Planting Area

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10. Fountain Succulent
One of the best ways to tackle the problem of growing plants in limited space is by using containers. They can be anything – a flower pot, bucket, or even an unused fountain.

9. Succulent Wreath
Actually, you can make a wreath from various kinds of materials like twigs, hay, or shrubs. But let’s try something new now – making a wreath out of succulents.

8. Succulent in a Box
Hanging a painting to decorate your stark wall is a splendid idea. But instead of a beautiful painting, try hanging succulents on your wall.

7. Potted Succulent Garden
Flower pots are everyone go-to containers for growing plants when it comes to small space. There are various kinds of flower pots you can choose from. And they can accentuate your succulents immensely.

6. Fairy Garden
This fairy garden is exquisite. More importantly, it is easy to make. You don’t have to be a DIY expert to build a home for a fairy.

5. Pine Cone Succulent
Hanging your succulents in a terracotta pot is a dime a dozen. Let’s try something new like this pine cone planter.

4. In the Cage
Do you have an old bird cage at home? Don’t throw it away as it can make a pretty good adornment for your porch or deck when combined with succulents.

3. Tree Trunk Planter
This tree trunk planter will add the charm of rustic look to your small backyard.

2. What’s the Letter
A Monogram can be a great centerpiece in your bedroom or living room. What makes it look better is when you grow some succulents in it.

1. Succulent Sphere
A ball of succulents? Why not? This sphere succulents will awe your guests for sure. And if you wanna adopt this idea, you need to get 2 garden hanging baskets.

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