Best Low Light, No Fuss Houseplants

First time plant owners sometimes struggle with the term “low light”. Plants are categorized into low – high light requirements and its not that easy to understand the difference between medium and low light. The 14 plus plants in this video can live in either low or medium light, so there is no need to pull your hair out in frustration.
As a general rule, all plants need light. If your room has a window, then all of these low light houseplants should live without complaint in that space.
There are so many different light scenarios that there is no generic plant guide for placing your plants in the exact location. That being said, its important to research the plants you purchase or inherit, and with a little patience and adjustment, you will find the perfect placement for your low light indoor plants. I have to mention that these plants are very adaptable, so it should not be difficult to make them happy.

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