Flower garden painting in acrylic for beginners

Flower garden painting in acrylic for beginners | #GrowingGardenArtChallenge | Landscape painting on small canvas paper | fevicryl acrylic colours painting, drawing of flowers garden, flowers in a garden drawing
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spring season drawing
spring flowers painting
This is my imagination of a bigger garden, wide open sky and quite spacious with beautiful flowers and butterflies all around. Though the menace of corona virus is spreading all over, still nature is growing in full bloom, actually nature regenerates quickly without human interference and perhaps our closeness to nature will keep us happy and healthy after corona pandemic. Painting thoughts of my family during corona virus – The World after corona virus is awesome ….

This beautiful landscape painting is inspired by Dena Tollefson’s
#GrowingGardenArtChallenge at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zUBFmr9B1eg …..Hope you love to take a look.

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