Ideas and tips for styling houseplants

New ideas for styling indoor plants. Four top plant experts on decorating with house plants, the best indoor plants for your home, new ways with hanging plants and a houseplant tour of three Leman Locke hotel apartments.

Michael Perry of Mr Plant Geek:
Nik Southern of Grace & Thorn:
Ian Drummond of Indoor Garden Design
Oliver Heath – biophilic architecture and design:
The Joy of Plants information website:
Leman Locke Hotel:

Books to help you find and display the best indoor plants:
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Ian Drummond – At Home With Plants, a book based on ‘all the questions people ask me about choosing houseplants’. It has lots of ideas for displaying house plants:

And Nik Southern’s book How Not To Kill Your Plants is also very useful for anyone venturing into keeping houseplants:

And I regularly turn to The RHS’s Practical House Plant Book. It’s a very useful and attractive book with 175 ‘plant profiles’ to help you look after your houseplants. Plus there are ideas on displaying indoor plants:

Hanging clothes airers:
Traditional wood:

Grids are relatively easy to source. I found Oucles Photo Wall Grid set:

You could also buy wire mesh fencing panels cheaply, either on Amazon, look online or go to a local hardware supplier.
Grow lights
Where light levels are low, you can buy ‘grow lights’ to help plants grow in artificial full spectrum wavelengths. The Amazon Choice Grow Light Bar for Indoor Plants can be stuck or screwed to surfaces and has a timer so you wouldn’t need to switch it off when you go to bed:

Or you can get grow lights in a lamp form, such as the Kingbo LED Grow Light twin goose-neck lamp:

Moss rug: made with a Norwich company called Scaped Nature, specialists in aquascapes and other innovative plant installations:

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