Matt’s Wild Cherry Tomato Hydroponic Growing & Pruning Tips

Lead Grower at Grow Your Health Gardening and Certified Hydroponic Grower, Erin Castillo, gives a quick tutorial on how we grow Matt’s Wild Cherry in a hydroponic system like Bato Buckets or a Tower Garden.

Matt’s Wild Cherry Tomato is a heat loving variety but very active in producing suckers which can cause dense foliage and invite disease and pest pressure if you don’t manage it’s growth properly — especially if you’re in a more humid climate like the Southeast. In this video, we cover pruning tips, growth rate and variety characteristics, and the pH range and PPM we grow our tomatoes in our hydroponic system.

Hydroponic-adapted seeds grown using organic methods will be available for this variety fall of 2021 and you can purchase them at — remember, we grow all our own seed, so when the seed is sold out, it’s out of stock until the next growing season, so be sure to grab it when you can if it’s available! Thanks for stopping by our channel!

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