Seed Starting- A Floral Designer’s Cut Flower Garden 2020 Beginner

I bought all these seeds, not sponsored:
Johnny’s Select Seeds
Park Seed
Hazzard Seed
Swallowtail Garden
Baker Creek Seeds

Resources: Charles Dowding Channel No Dig Gardening

I know, I know, this is a LONG video and if you’re not into seed hauls, flower growing, flower arranging etc-just stop here. No need to watch. But if you love flowers, are a beginner at gardening, floral arranging or just a floral enthusiast then enjoy this long video about the seeds I’m starting, the experience I had last year and the progress I’ve made in keeping things organized. I’m doing a weekly arrangement for Instagram entirely cut from my garden so follow @sullivan_owen to see the weekly designs.
And if it’s possible that I missed a seed I should absolutely grow, please let me know in the comments!
Watch me design with flowers cut from my 2019 garden here:

See my garden in late summer 2020 here, before the trees come down:

Sullivan Owen is a Philly-based innovative floral designer, crazy cat lady, Named Top Florist in the US by Martha Stewart and Harper’s Bazaar.

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