Simple Gardening Tips & Tricks for Improved Results

I am really excited to share my Vegetable Garden tour with brilliant but simple Gardening tips for everyone to be inspired to grow your own organic vegetables. My Garden is my favourite place to be in the world do i hope my vegetable garden and my tips and tricks give you an idea of what to plant for best results.

This is a Special Garden Tour where I show you my Full Vegetable Garden Allotment and share simple tips and tricks and ideas for growing success. this includes a great bottle technique.

I will share all of my organic vegetable container plants and I hope you watch the entire video and share with family and friend. We have hundreds of plants and so many in containers and in the ground. I share some tips to grow cheap organic vegetables.

Thanks to you all for your love and support and I hope you can make your garden your favourite place to be.

Please like and subscribe if you enjoy my full garden tour, for early notification of new videos. I encourage everyone to grow some plants in their home or balcony. Gardening can be as simple as growing mint at home. Encourage your kids and family to do garden as it’s a relaxing and fun hobby.

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What to plant in August?

I am a British born Bangladeshi who has a passion for growing Bangladeshi Vegetables. Please watch my Shokher Bagan translated hobby Gardening, and join My Bangla Garden channel.


Welcome to my Shokher Bagan 2020. I have had my biggest and most incredible garden harvests of bottle gourd and vegetables ever during the covid-19 crisis. Lockdown saved me from mixing with others and I managed to spend more time doing what I love.

Lockdown really did save me and we had the biggest harvest of fresh organic vegetables.

Please share and like my videos and join me on my journey.

My garden has delivered us so many wonderful harvests and bottle gourds in 2020 during covid-19 and the lockdown

In today’s video watch me show you my special garden and tour around all the incredible plants i am growing.

I have already at this point harvested 24 Bottle Gourds and aimed to get my biggest harvest of 2020.

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Watch me harvest several bowls of Bangladeshi potatoes and harvest many other vegetables

Shokher Bagan Harvest of plenty of Bottle Gourds. Wonderful video of my Krishi garden

Special biggest Eid harvesting of shader Lau

Harvesting bottle gourds video

How to Grow Bottle Gourd tutorial

Harvesting and tips for growing bottle gourd/ lauki / calabash

Harvesting of bottle gourd and tips on container growing, fertilisers and watering

future topics coming soon:

Grow Bottle Gourd in containers
Used 1G, 2G and 3G cutting and hand pollination for best results.

Shokher Bagan 2020

Watch me harvest so many Bangladeshi vegetables so hope you enjoy my video.

Backyard garden

Harvest Bangladeshi Vegetables
I give tips on how to water plants and use the correct fertilisers.

I began Gardening in 2014 and love everything about Shokher Bagan.

Shokher Bagan is hobby Gardening and something which is for the while family. My family garden gives us fresh organic vegetables throughout the year.

I grow all sorts of Bangladeshi and exotic vegetables.

Please continue to support my channel and enjoy my Shokher Bagan 2020

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