Starting Seeds Indoors complete beginners guide, planting, watering, lights setup

In this video we go over the basics to getting your vegetable seeds started indoors and the 3 biggest mistakes to avoid when seed starting indoors. This is nothing fancy or over the top. Just a simple complete guide to get you started on seed starting. A lot of people get frustrated or think seed starting is too complicated to do indoors but it really isn’t! in this video I show you guys how to simplify it. Also I’ve put a few links down below to give you guys an idea on what you’ll need for seed starting (lighting and seed trays). Let me know what vegetables you guys plan on starting seeds indoors with. I hope you guys enjoy!!

here’s some amazon links to give you guys some ideas on what to look for

lighting (bulbs —)

housing for the bulb (only 17 on amazon right now) —

seed tray —

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