Tips for Indoor Planting

Are you a plant lover? These simple hacks will take your green thumb to the next level! Discover essential tips for indoor planting and keeping your beautiful houseplants growing green and healthy.

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0:00 Introduction
0:25 How to Make a Tabletop Succulent Garden
3:25 How to Properly Care for Houseplants
4:55 Types of Low Maintenance Houseplants
8:06 Signs your Houseplant isn’t happy
10:39 How to re-pot a plant
12:56 How to Decorate with Houseplants
15:31 How to protect furniture from plants
17:55 Watering your houseplants
19:34 Signs of trouble with houseplants
21:22 How to recover a dying plant
24:54 Plants fit for propagation
25:52 Propagating plants in water
26:35 How to plant after propagation
27:40 How to propagate in soil
28:54 How to divide houseplants by pups
30:31 Conclusion

Houseplants You Can’t Kill:

Decorating with House Plants:

How to Propagate Houseplants:

How to Plant a Succulent Dish Garden:

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